Aneleisse Vermillion

An Eladrin youth, the Mage-Hero of Barag


Female Eladrin Wizard

6’0" 145lbs 80yrs

Tall and slender, Aneleisse is built like a dancer and moves with the grace of one. For all but the most special of occasions her knee length silver hair is worn neatly coiffed about her head. Her deep blue, silver speckled eyes bear an inquisitiveness borne of a lifetime of study. Her clean and well kept clothes can be described as traditional, although they were the height of fashion when Aneleisse and her mother made them together many generations ago.

HP 41
AC 17
Fort 14
Ref 17
Will 19
Spd 6
Init +4

Shogun’s Daughter’s Grace, Wisdom Borne By Both Shoulders, Lightning Echoes Twice

My father, Hiyate Vermillion, is an member of the Lords of the Hawk. From before my first breath the need to uphold honor was being whispered in my ear. To uphold the honor of myself, my family, and the Hawk in my every action and word. When I was nine my parents sent me to a boarding school run my a retired Academy mage. Master Duwain taught us a love of knowledge and to seek it out no matter where it may be hiding, be it in the way a knot had been tied, bedtime stories, or in advanced theories of magic. One of his functions was to find and train those gifted with magic and to bring those most skilled to the attention of the Academy. I was lucky enough to have been one such recruit and have subsequently spent decades wading through the ranks of accepted, novice and apprentice while learning all I could about the world around me and honing my craft. I am recently awarded for my labors, ascending to the rank of First Circle Mage. My father has chosen to further honor my exhaustive efforts in learning to channel magic through a blade; awarding me the use of one of his katana, Katai-Rei. May I do it, and him honor in all my words and actions.

Aneleisse Vermillion

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