a young half elf girl who looks as if she could use a meal


Wrenn’s thick hair, the color of harvest wheat, falls to her jawline where it flares out. For the times her hair is not in her face she has blue eyes though in certain light they look more purple then blue, perhaps because of her elven heritage. While many of her features seem angular at the moment due to her being malnourished she still retains a cute bunt nose across which a few light freckles seem to be sprinkled and slightly rounded ears due to her human heritage. She stands about 4’2" and her skin has a slightly ruddy hue now that she has been able to clean herself. She seems very proud of her plain brown cloak and patch-worked gloves which she claims to have found disguarded somewhere. She is often seen carrying a stick with a strip of cloth fashioned into a bow around it, referred to as “Mr. Stick.”
In combat she tends to run around a lot, occasionally hitting foes with a bolt from the hand crossbow while diving in and out of cover. While she seems to hit more often then she misses it seems to early to claim that she actually knows what shes doing.

AC 18 Fort 12 Ref 17 Will 17 HP 42

Wrenn doesn’t have a lot to say about her past. Just another young half elf orphan trying to make it on the streets, she made a living begging for money. Life in a big city has taught her how to read her marks and play to their sympathies. (streetwise 15)Those who have spent much time with her might say that she is haunted by something though what that may be she still has yet to share with anyone. (streetwise 20)Every now and again she refers to having traveled to someplace with a merchant, though none of the regular caravans recognize her.

While Wrenn never had much use for the gods in the past, she has prayed a few times in secret as of late. She still is not sure if she trusts the gods or not but she is willing to help out for now as long as there is something to be gained.
The party had recently ran into a woman named Reiki who has shed some light on to Wrenn’s past, by showing them a list of names of ‘girls sold into slavery by their own families to pay of debts to the Silver Guild.’ Confronted with the information on the first list, Wrenn claimed not to be aware. When A second list appeared in the hands of the Norkers, Wrenn admitted that it must be true, that someone was after her.
While no one seems to have taken notice, Wrenn (after accepting that she has a price on her head and that someone is looking for her) seems to be interested in gaining wealth. Does she have a plan for the money she finds? Is she old enough to implement it if she does?


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