Conlan's Band

The settlers of Barag discovered the previously unknown Dwarven city-state Val Terrar, ruled by King Stanislav. For a brief time they experienced great prosperity through mutually beneficial trade- furs and produce for metal and weapons- until the Sar sent his own ambassador to the dwarven kingdom and a contingent of Silver Guild merchants. When the value of their own goods and coin plunged, dissent among the settlers soared higher than the new price of dwarven goods and metals. Among the dissenters one voice spoke out the loudest- that of Marcus Conlan.

Conlan was a skilled hunter and trapper, as well as a charismatic leader. Under his guidance, several men attacked a supply caravan. The Knights Bannermen attempted to arrest Conlan and his men. Though the Knights only had seven names, fourteen men disappeared into the wilds that night. For several months these men hid in the forest and trained, improving their archery skills and stealth. When they again emerged from the wood it was as a skilled band of guerrilla fighters, no longer were they merely the desperate and angry farmers of last winter.

For three years Conlan’s Band harried the Sar’s supply caravans, the Silver Guild trains laden with Dwarven wares, and the Knights of the Banner wherever they were found. In the beginning the Band seemed to be taunting those under the Sar’s command, leaving those they scuffled with bruised but breathing. With each “victory” Conlan’s Band grew. By the time they were thirty men, each skirmish left one or two casualties. Shortly after inducting the fiftieth official member, the Band slaughtered an entire division of Bannermen and the Guild merchants they were escorting. As the death toll neared triple digits, the Sar called upon the Academy to end the rebellion once and for all.

Within a month the dispatched Mage tracked down the elusive Conlan and reminded the “traitorous farmers” to whom they owed their livelihood. While no one save the Mage and Conlan know exactly what happened, everyone knows that the official rebellion ended that day.

It’s only been a few months since the rebellion was quelled. Conlan and his men returned to their homesteads and farms. They generally try to keep their heads down, though six men are on patrol at all times. Conlan has once again sworn fealty to the Sar, and has pledged his men as the first line of defense against whatever evils attack Barag. Conlan’s Band are heroes among the settlers, though understandably tensions run high between them and the Knights of the Banner, and probably will for some time.

Conlan's Band

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