The Platinum Cross

  • Rigel – A city dominated by landmarks of civilizations past
  • East Haven – Located at the mouth of the Haven River, a bustling trade-center
  • Westward – Located on the frontier of civlization, the Westridge mountains
  • Southfield – Covered in grassy open fields, this is the “breadbasket” of the provinces
  • Northstar – A village plagued by strange weather and a shrouded past

The Thunderspire

Information forthcoming

Province of Barag

Wilderness in the northwest of the continent. During the rise of the Exemplar and the formation of the Church of Bahamut, the Sar decreed that any man willing to try to settle the frontier would be granted land rights. Shortly after the establishent of settlements and securing the necessary claims from the Circle, the discovery of the domain of Dwarven King Stanislav was discovered. The settlements flourished with the influx of cheap ore and finely-crafted tools.

Within months, the Sar declared that diplomatic recognition be extended to the Dwarven lands and sent several of his Knights along with members of the Silver Guild to the region.

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