The Brotherhood

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As the latest in the line of Heroes who has achieved divinity in service to the Path of Day, Bahamut is the only good-aligned member of the pantheon who still lives and breathes and has mortal form. He sits on his throne in Central Command overseeing the operations of the his Brotherhood and reviewing those supplicants who would follow in his Steps. Given that he is mortal, access to divine powers are determined by your rank in the organization instead of merely accumulating experience and performing good deeds. It is generally thought that when Bahamut leaves the mortal realm, the longest-serving member of the Conclave will assume his role as High Exemplar, to continue running the Brotherhood, though not inheriting divinity. That member is currently Clad-in-Gold and few see a reason to petition for any other Chapter to be his successor.


Membership in the Brotherhood is divided into Chapters:

  • Clad-in-Brass are dispatched as adventurers disrupting the activities of the Path of Night or retrieving artifacts. Full of bravery and dedication, they have a penchant for fire.
  • Clad-in-Bronze are usually swift, persistent, and adaptive. They are pragmatists who can serve as diplomats to other lands, liasons to other orgnaizations, or heralds of the Brotherhood. They are found to favor lightning and thunder.
  • Clad-in-Copper serve as scouts and missionaries. They tread where Bahamut’s example is usually unheard of, be it a city without a Command or the wilds of other Provinces. They focus on healing and largely are converts from The Sisterhood.
  • Clad-in-Silver serve almost exclusively alongside true Paladins or as the most militant of War-priests. They have an affinity for cold weather and warfare.
  • Clad-in-Gold are the scholars, strategists, and planners of the Brotherhood. While the Conclave at Central Command has a member from each banner on it, the vast majority of administrators and other precepts working in its Halls belong to this chapter.

The Platinum Cross

Leadership of the church convene in Conclave located at Central Command in Rigel, where upon the Platinum throne rests the High Exemplar himself, Bahamut. The other Commands, each named for a cardinal direction, make up the Platinum Cross of Bahamut. Each office expands the awareness of the mortal god by carrying reports back to Central Command and vesting divine power in the priests who tread outside of Central Command.

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The Brotherhood

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