The Circle

Mt tree circle

The Keepers

Each Keeper is responsible for an area of land defined by 5 elven leagues from a center point. This is a Circle that would require approximately 1260 hours to maintain as defined by the harshest standards of a given Watcher. The Keeper is the heir to this land, as one of the First Folk, and makes his livelihood selling plots of his land to organizations or the Sar or other local governments or officials. S/He is also an expert guide and tracker and routinely offers guidance to overland travelers for small fees. A Keeper could get an entire caravan through his Circle in one day, were he motivated or paid sufficiently to be so motivated.

Keepers who have chosen, or inherited, Circles with roads running through them were likely highly paid to allow easy passage through their land. As this will eventually result in a net loss of revenue because no one needs to pay for overland guidance when a road of packed earth leads a fine and fast way through. Though some Keepers accept the purchase of land for the road, and oversee the construction of the road so that they may forge a natural bypass path that would shave some time off travel for those eager to complete their journey faster, and pay the right amount of coin for the time saved.

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The Circle

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