The Lords of the Hawk

Legend states that in his mortal days, Corellon walked the four corners of the Realm with his silver hawk familiar, Ryoko. Upon Corellon’s ascension, the hawk streaked through the sky like a falling star. Seekers traveled for seven days to find her destination, a swath of land carved by the force of a stone plummeting from the sky. An elven woman was seated at it’s deepest point, meditating upon an adamantine blade and two silver feathers. When Ryoko opened the alien eyes of her eladrin form, she declared that this would be the site of a great tower, raised in Corellon’s honor. In this Academy hall would dwell Mages and scholars who would dedicate the remainder of their days to protecting the arcane arts of her master. Correllon’s apprentice, Osayaba, used one of the feathers to set down The Code of the Academy.

Corellon’s yojimbo, Toshiro, took the second feather and began to compose poetry. Using haiku, he described the ideals of discipline and service to Corellon that would come to define The Code of the Hawk. Though he was without magic, Ryoko found his tribute to her master so moving that she pledged to travel with him for the rest of her days. Toshiro was gifted the adamantine blade as dowry and they wed. All eladrin can trace their lineage to the first Lord of the Hawk, Toshiro.

His followers served him as he once served Corellon. They followed as he toured the Realm and helped to raise his growing family. They swore to honor Corellon through mastering the blade and the quill. They are warrior-poets composing poetry or performing elaborate swordplay-focused opera in peace, and defending the borders of the elven lands during times of war.

All Hawks carry ink and paper wherever they go as any moment may inspire poetry. They pride themselves as keepers of the art of haiku and seek to share the wisdom contained within its form. In the tradition of Toshiro, the Hawk are family folk, raising their children while on the road and demonstrating that honor must guide their paths.

The Lords of the Hawk

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