In The Steps of Bahamut

Welcome to the landing page for my D&D campagin, In the Steps of Bahamut!

My goal is to create a 4th Edition D&D game where my players will create and role-play distinctive characters who interact with the world. To that end, most will be members of organizations who will give Minor Quests that will tie in to the overarching quest. This game will be played Tuesday nights beginning October 19th in Greensboro at Roy’s house.

I have borrowed heavily from Ed Chang’s Archaea . I was fortunate enough to participate in a regular game with Ed and witness a true Master of world-building and, more importantly, story-telling. My friends and I would play one Saturday every two weeks and every time we met in-between we would lose hours discussing what was happening either in-game or on the forums. I would be remiss a total bastard not to credit him with building the foundation of what I hope will be a fun game and a good story. Here’s hoping I get 1/10th of the player involvement he achieved in his game!

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In The Steps of Bahamut

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