Shoshi Rucan, The Scrivener

Some take up sword and shield in service to their gods; other's take up quill and parchment


書士 ルカン
Though commonly pronounced “Shoshi Rucan” his name is written in the eastern text
using the original elven spelling “Lucan” as the character is effectively interchangeable.

While rather weak physically, Rucan is knowledgable in several fields
and fluent in six languages including Draconic.
Being fairly insightful, he exceeds at diplomacy and bleeds pure charisma.
He can also perform magical rituals.


Many moons ago, under the light of the distant stars, a half-elven girl named Keyleth Eriks fell in love. Haunted by the usual wanderlust of her kind, Key’ had found her way to a far eastern land. Enchanted by their way of life and love for art, she married a hansome young Samurai named Shoshi Atsui. Their son was Shoshi Rucan.

Innevitably, the sands of time built to a dust storm, and the human Atsui succumbed to age. Shortly thereafter, Rucan began having abstractly violent nightmares of otherworldly places and beings. Key’ stayed with him as he obsessed with a search for answers to his oddly vivid dreams. Eventually, after studying many strange and forgotten tomes, he came to a kind of peace with them. At that time, Key’ had nothing left to distract her from her grief, and she saught her own relief through a return the wanderer’s life.

Rucan had developed a driving thirst for knowledge, and began a journey of his own. This quickly brought him to local shores, whereupon he first visited his mother’s homeland and paid their respects to family. Following a curious wisp of information in certain arcane writings, Rucan was led to the lands of the Platinum Cross. Surprised to learn of the “mortal god” Bahamut, he took an immediate interest and quickly became a loyal follower. Since then, he has become a useful scribe and diplomat at Central Command, often handling diplomacy and communications between the four commands as well as to outside organizations. He now sates his wanderlust through research of arcana, history, and religion.

Shoshi Rucan, The Scrivener

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